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The Sami National Theater Beaivváš (SNTB) is located in Guovdageaidnu/Kautokeino in Finnmark, Norway. The Sami National Theater Beaivváš is a professional theater institution in the Nordic region that consistently uses Sami as a stage language. The theater is a touring theater which several times a year tours throughout the Sami area in Norway, Sweden and Finland, sometimes also Russia. In addition, the theater regularly tours outside the Nordic countries to make Sami culture visible internationally.


PLAYS (excerpt from ca. 100 plays)


1981: Min Duoddarat / Våre vidder. The first Sámi Rock Musical, a cooperation of Ivnniiguin, Ailo Gaup, Knut Valle and Nils Gaup, with Ailloš’ as yoik soloist, actor, composer and writer, leading to the opening of the culture house in Guovdageaidnu, and the birth of Beaivváš, the Sámi National Theatre.


1985: Váikko čuođi stálu / Even if a Hundred Ogres. After a saga by Magnar Mikkelsen in his book “La elva leve”. Outdoor stage. The Stálut featuring Scandinavian kings, priests, alcolhol and other colonialistic influences that the Sámi had to battle in their history.


1994: New setup of “Váikko čuođi stálu” for the Olympic Games in Lillehammer.


2003: Jasat. A Yoik Dance Concert under the Northern Lights. Cooperation of several theatres.


2017: Johan Turi. About Johan Turi’s book on life in Sápmi (Muitalus sámiid birra, 1910) coming into being.


2021: Guovžža vuoššat. After a novel by Mikael Niemi. A driving detective story about cultural conflicts, oppression and a revolutionary revival priest, Lars Levi Læstadius.


2022: Ellos eatnu. About Sámi resistance (1979-1982) to the building of a water power plant on Alta river. This conflict eventually lead to the opening of the Sámi Parliament in 1989.

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