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Joik Projects

Ailloš travels and meets music everywhere in the nature around him and the people he meets. He has cooperated with many musicians, as described in his bio. This page shows some of his more recent projects.

Nordic Voices

Ailloš and the choir Nordic Voices join to perform a new composition by Lasse Thoresen, based on a joik by Ailloš. See them practicing before the concert here  (scroll down to see video)

Website Yoikur Nordic Voices_edited.jpg

Jodel meets Joik

Ailloš and Sonja Morgenegg started working together in 2023, exploring the rich sound of mingling joik- and jodel-tones. Listen to their improvisation on a sunny day on the Swiss mountain Hoher Kasten here:

Website Yoikur Jodel meets Joik.png

Joik - Jazz - Kulning

Norway, Italy and Sweden meet to explore the music of nature, filmed by Susanne Walström . Enjoy her vimeo here.

Website Yoikur JJK 2022_edited.png

The Art of Yoik

Teaching Joik the old way. An experiment with film- and music-students at Volda college.

Website Yoikur volda.jpeg
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